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Project cover

The installation was created by mapping the walls of one of the most evocative clubs in Modena.
The idea was to transform these elements into sources of light that react to sound impulses, changing size, shape and colour on the basis of the peaks recorded across the various frequencies. Lìnan was staged on 5th December 2008 during the live set of Andrea Sartori, and on 5th June 2009 during the live set of Touane.
The software that controls lights and visuals was created by fuse* works on processing.
Thanks to this software, it is possible to map out each individual beam and allot a graphic effect to each architectural element and each sound frequency.

Year: 2008
Premiere at: Mattatoio Culture Club, Carpi (Modena, IT) 2008
Performers: Andrea Sartori (2008), Touane (2009)


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