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Last October, during the intense touring activity that brought Ljós in theatres and festivals around Europe, we felt the need to press the original soundtrack of the performance into a unique and physical object due to the high request from the audience to have a copy of the music they just experienced live.
Materials research led us to choose vinyl as physical support, whose transparent color recalls the light, the main theme around which the dramaturgy is developed. The entire soundtrack is pressed on the A side while on the B side there are two exclusive remixes that, revisiting the same soundscapes, highlight shades and unusual colors opening up new scenarios and pathways to further expand boundaries of the dreamlike and surreal world of Ljós.
For the artwork we collaborated with Medulla, a laboratory which has developed a screen printing technique that involves the construction of colors exclusively with natural elements by rebuilding the archaic and traditional rules. Since the color used is “organic”, that means “alive”, a research is necessary for stability of the material whenever it encounters a new fabric. The original effect of the result immediately communicates the natural characteristic of the color and the craft of the printing which makes each print a unique copy. For this reason, each of the three hundred copies we pressed is hand-numbered.

LIMITED EDITION VINYL: 180gr 12″ with B/W labels on clear 33 rpm vinyl – Artwork handnumbered and handprinted with organic colors by Medulla – Carefully mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

The album is also available in all digital formats on iTunesSpotify, Apple MusicTidalAmazonDeezer and Pandora.


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