Founded in 2007, fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio that investigates the expressive possibilities of emerging technologies, aiming to interpret the complexity of human, social and natural phenomena. Since its origins, the studio's research has had as its primary objective the creation of multimedia installations and performances, produced with the goal of exploring the boundaries between different disciplines in pursuit of new connections between light, space, sound and movement.

Directed by founders Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, the studio has evolved over the years and now approaches the creation of new projects with an increasingly holistic approach, relying on a modus operandi that values pure experimentation and collective creativity. The intent is to create works that can inspire, suspend the ordinary and stimulate thought, sensitivity and imagination. fuse* has always bound its development to that of the community in which it operates by supporting, promoting and conceiving projects that aim to spread culture and knowledge. With this intent, it has been co-producing the electronic music and digital arts festival NODE since 2016.

Over the years, fuse* has presented its works and productions internationally in art institutions and festivals including Mutek, TodaysArt, Sónar, Artechouse, National Museum of China, STRP Biennial, RomaEuropa, Kikk, Scopitone, INOTA Festival, Hong Kong Design Institute, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Marignana Arte, CUBO, Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo, Videocittà e Palazzo Cipolla.

Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo / Padua, IT
Dongdaemun Design Plaza / Seoul, KR
INOTA Festival / Várpalota, HU
Italian Cultural Institute / San Francisco, USA
Palazzo Cipolla / Rome, IT
Hong Kong Design Institute / Hong Kong, HK
Misk Art Institute / Riyadh, KSA
Videocittà / Roma, IT
National Taichung Theatre / Taichung City, TW
MUTEK MX / Mexico City, MX
Videocittà / Rome, IT
Marignana Arte / Venice, IT
AS-Helix c/o National Museum of China / Beijing, CH
Artechouse / Washington DC & New York, USA
Sónar Istanbul / Istanbul, TR
Scopitone / Nantes, FR
RomaEuropa Festival / Roma, IT 
NEO c/o Cosmo Caixa / Barcellona, ES
LEV festival / Gijón, ES
KIKK Festival / Namur, B
Signal Festival / Prague, CZ
TodaysArt / Den Haag, NL
MUTEK / Montreal, CA
Asia Culture Center / Gwangju, KR
CUBO / Bologna, IT
STRP biennial / Eindhoven, NL

2023 - CODAawards - Luna Somnum (merit)
2022 - CODAawards - Trust
2021 - Jury Selections of the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival - Artificial Botany
2020 - CITIC Press Lightening Selection - AMYGDALA 
2020 - Digital Design Award, Installation - Artificial Botany
2020 - Red Dot Award - Multiverse
2020 - CODAawards Merit Winner - Multiverse 
2019 - Wu Guanzhong Art and Science Innovation Award - Multiverse
2019 - Digital Design Award, Installation - Multiverse
2019 - Digital Design Award, Sound Design - Multiverse
2019 - German Design Award Special Mention - Dökk
2017 - Digital Design Award, Sound Design - Dökk
2017 - Jury Selections of the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival - AMYGDALA
2011 - Celeste Prize, Best Live Media Performance - N4.0
2010 - Celeste Prize, Best Live Media Performance - Corpo Elettrico
2010 - Digital Graffiti, Most Innovative Installation - N3.0


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-German Design Award, Excellent Communication Design (2019)
-Artfutura, Digital Creatures / Augmented Cognition (2017)
-20th Japan Media Arts Festival (2017)
-Francesco Murano, Light Works Experimental Projection Mapping (2014)
-Celeste Prize, III Edition (2011)